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Plasman - Jones

Teacher of The Ohara School of Ikebana
The Japanese Art of Flower Arranging

It all started with a deep love of flowers. Having been brought up on the Belgian/Dutch borders, flowers were all around. I loved going to the flower market, whatever the time of year. The fragrance, colours and shapes always brought a smile to my face and I continued to have flowers around the house, where ever I lived.


So, what is Ikebana?

The Japanese Art of Flower Arranging


Ikebana, meaning 'making flowers come alive', is the ancient art form of Japanese Flower Arranging. In short, its origins go back to the introduction of Buddhism during the Asuka period (552 AD - 710 AD). Religious offerings of flowers were left at the temples and the monks started to arrange them. These apparently simple designs are the forerunners of the arrangements taught in the many Ikebana Schools in Japan. The three main schools being IKENOBO, OHARA and SOGETSU.


But, Ikebana is so much more. As a true art form, it transports you into a world of self-discovery and creativity. It teaches you to observe and appreciate nature. Ikebana is the start of a new chapter in your life.


If you would like to find out whether Ikebana is for you, then the Residential Introductory Course is the perfect starting point. Find out more on the 'Classes and Courses' page.

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'Foam - Free'

Flower arranging!

As opposed to Western or traditional flower arranging, Ikebana designs do not use wet foam. To hold the flower stems into position, a Kenzan (metal pinholder) is used. The Kenzan provides stability to both soft and hard woody stems. The many sharp steel pins are attached to a heavy metal base which in turn ensures the arrangement remains balanced.
In the absence of wet foam, this type of flower arranging is environmentally friendly and fits in well in today’s living.

Working in harmony with the Seasons and Nature!

A very important aspect of Ikebana, and in particular the Ikebana of the Ohara School, is that most plant materials used, are in season. Many of the designs also reflect the way plants and flowers grow in nature.

Lessons & courses

Classes & Courses

I can offer private lessons, group sessions, day courses and Residential courses,

all to be held in Herefordshire.


A real treat, an all-inclusive day to lose yourself in this wonderful art. And it also makes a good present! Set in a relaxed atmosphere, It comprises a short history of Ikebana of the Ohara School followed by practical work. The day starts at 10.30am to 3.30p

 and includes coffee/tea and biscuits, lunch and flowers. TheTaster Day has the same content as the first day of the Residential Introductory Course. To find out which dates are available please see the dates mentioned in the booking form below. Subject to availability.



These classes offer the opportunity to learn Ikebana in a small group, at every time of the year. The seasonality provides diversity in the arrangements and new techniques are introduced. This is the best way to explore and progress within the art of Ikebana.

Classes run from 10am to 12.30pm and cost £25 + cost of flowers.


NEW FOR 2024! 

Residential Ikebana Introductory Course

A day and a half of total immersion in the wonderful art of Japanese Flower Arranging.

After a short introduction, practical work will cover all the arrangements of the introductory course (according to the Ohara Curriculum).

Accommodation can be found locally amongst a range of hotels and B&Bs in the area.

The first day starts at 10.30am to 3.30pm and includes tea/coffee and biscuits

and lunch. The second (half) day starts at 10am to about 12.30pm

Price per person is £125 (does not include accommodation)

Flowers and the use of authentic Japanese containers and kenzans are included.




per hour


cost of flowers



per person


+ Flowers and the use of authentic Japanese containers and kenzans
are included.




per person

cost of flowers
coffee/tea and
biscuits are provided






- flowers
- lunch
- coffee/tea
- biscuits


Discovering workshops

Workshop in Western/contemporary/traditional style flower arranging

are also available. Please enquire.

You may have

some questions

I have no experience of flower arranging. How can I learn Ikebana?

No previous experience is required. Ikebana is there for anyone wanting to escape the humdrum and stresses in today’s world. The courses are designed and suitable for those wanting to learn this ancient art form. Taster Days, Morning Classes, All-Day Ikebana Workshops and private lessons are available,

see details on the ‘Classes and Courses’ page.


Do I need to buy expensive tools?

All materials are provided, i.e. containers, Kenzan (metal pinholder) for the duration of the lesson. Flowers are included in the price on the Taster Days and 2-day Courses.  A small cost is added for private lessons and group sessions. You will need to bring good secateurs and scissors, pen and paper and a camera to capture your arrangements.

Where are the classes and courses held?

They are held in Herefordshire and Shropshire at different locations which are easily accessible by car or train. For those travelling from afar and wishing to stay overnight, Herefordshire offer a wide range of affordable accommodation. You will find further details on the ’Classes and Courses' page.

Can I buy a GIFT VOUCHER for my friend?

Ikebana isn't for everyone, but if you know someone who would appreciate the opportunity to try it for themselves, a GIFT VOUCHER is a wonderful idea. It can be flexible, either for lessons or a Taster Day, or for a certain amount which can be spent at the lucky person's discretion. Remember, Ikebana is practised by men and women alike! (The men in my Study Group are awesome.)



Dear Noella,


Just a quick note to thank you for a fantastic and inspiring day when myself and Mary came to attend your taster ikebana day course... It was great to work with such lovely materials and in such a relaxed environment…. we really enjoyed the background information you provided at the start which could've been very detailed but which I think was enough and just right for beginners…. It was lovely to practice four variations of ikebana and in doing so to understand how the rules add to creating aesthetically pleasing arrangements... Both Mary and I enjoyed the activity of looking with attention, picking and carefully considering materials and appraising our creations as we went along with your expert guidance...

We both loved the idea of of using seasonal materials from the garden bringing the outside in and being in touch with the natural world…. I will certainly go forward and look up your reading recommendations…


Hi Noella,


I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing day, I was thrilled that I actually managed to put together some lovely arrangements! And that was due to your expert and patient guidance.


A fabulous experience. 


Contact me

During the daytime between 9am and 6pm.

I will endeavour to answer your enquiry within 24 hours.

If you do not receive a reply after 48 hours,

please ring and leave a message.

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